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Hey everyone!! BIG NEWS!!  I have been getting a really positive response from reader in all FOUR of my blogs!!  Didn’t know I had four blogs?  Well, I most certainly do…

1.) Beauty and More

2.) Fitness and More

3.) Weddings and More

and finally…

4.) DIY and More


Well, this Miss Moore is COMBINING ALL of her blogs INTO ONE!!  Tracking who visits where- I saw lots of people starting out in DIY and hoping over to Beauty and then tracing back to Fitness, and so on…  And while that is great for me [so glad you all enjoy my posts!], and great for you [so glad you come back for MORE!]; I want to make it less of a hassle for my readers.  I have a couple readers who subscribed to multiple blogs- and that is just a lot of e-mail to get every time a new blog has a new post!!


So, no need to hope all over the place connecting from one blog to the next just trying to get to the London page that you like…  ALL blogs will be incorporated on

London Moore: Beauty and More!!

While being a makeup artist is one of my biggest passions- beauty can extend so far from just cosmetics!  Creating a body that you feel beautiful in; finding secrets and inspiration to make a beautiful day out of tying the knot; and putting together do-it-yourself projects that you can be proud of for making your life beautiful on your own terms!!


So, I am going to be leaving these blogs behind [perhaps not forever- but indefinitely], and you can find all of your London Moore interests on:

Check out the blog, and although it may be JUST beauty now- it is going to start evolving into all the areas of interest!!

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7 Darling “Dessert in a Jar” Recipes for an Intimate Day of Tying the Knot!!

Desserts in a jar is perfect for small intimate weddings where details are curtail and everything you create can have its own unique style and flaire!!  These little crowd pleasers are also perfect for birthday parties, a ladies day luncheon, or a sweet romantic picnic with your soon-to-be-hubby!!  I suppose Valentine’s Day will be creeping up on us sooner than we know- so perhaps stick this post in your back pocket for when the time comes!!

[Click the PIC for your RECIPE]

Enjoy perusing through all of the delicious recipes & remember: this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience & should be treated as such!! Don’t forget to smile, relax, and treasure each moment of the process!!

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Chocolate Sorbet in a jar Recipe:

This delicious Chocolate Sorbet is vegan & dairy free!!  The amazing dessert recipe is brought to us gluten free brides by none other than The Gluten-Free Goddess!!  Perfect for a crisp wintery day of tying the knot.  Add a garnish on top in the colour of your wedding; some ideas:  a raspberry , twisted orange peel, teal m&m, green lime shavings, whipped-cream dyed any colour to match!!

Layered Maple Oat n’ Apple Crumble in a jar Recipe:

Well— Healthful Pursuit just went all out with this recipe!!  This looks amazing, and the best part…  It looks as if it could be a dessert OR breakfast!!  I love multifunctional recipes!!  So whether you are doing a casual morning commitment ceremony, a lunch union, or a full blown wedding night extravaganza- this dessert in a jar can morph to whatever you choose!!  And, this recipe is beyond allergen free- Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Refined sugar free, Yeast free, and Corn free.  And yet- still delicious… How do people do it?!

Aquacate del Chocolate or Chocomole in a jar Recipe:

Now this humble luxury of a dessert is quite unique!!  In my pursuit of finding gluten-free desserts in a jar for all of our gluten free brides- I stumbled upon this recipe and was unsure if I should use it…  Having never tried this, or even something remotely similar, it is hard to publicize to my brides just in case it is not above and beyond delicious!!  However, this healthy dessert recipe comes from a sweet missionary family living in Central America [Just Making Noise], and browsing through the ingredients- I just had to post it.  This will certainly be something I am going to try out- and perhaps once you try it as well, you’ll exhaust this recipe over your lifetime!

Lemon Meringue Pie in a jar Recipe:

Ohhh!!! I just looove Lemon Meringue anything!!  This recipe looks beyond delicious.  Thanks to Johann’s 52 Sweets, we have yet another gorgeously displayed dessert recipe to add to our desserts in a jar collection!!  These petit treats would be wonderful for a Summer’s day wedding or a Spring nuptials with gorgeous wild flowers flowers bursting out of every corner!!  Nothing says spring or summer like the colour yellow- and that is what lemon meringue tastes like to me :] mmmMMmmm, yellow!!

Chocolate Cake Whiskey in a jar Recipe:This brilliant concoction has the sweetest story behind it!!  Angie McGown
had a grandfather in the military who was stationed in Greenland when he was 14 [mother lied about his age so he could join].  Angie says that her pops greatest memories was when it would be a blistering cold night, they would be allowed a shot of whiskey to warm up!!  And so whenever Angie thinks army- she thinks Whiskey!! So if you love chocolate & whiskey, and to top it off- your man is in the service: VOILA!! Here is your mini dessert recipe for your intimate special day.

Black Cherry Jell-o Cake in a jar Recipe:Okay… I don’t know how all my other gluten free brides feel about their lifestyle- but I can sometimes resent my lack of puff pastry in my life; I am French after all….  SO just looking at the pictures of WhipperBerry’s Black Cherry Jell-o Cake makes my mouth water!!  I mean just look at that gorgeous pastry that has delicious cherries enclosed in its golden folds.  ENOUGH SAID!!  You want something visually aesthetic as well as divine in taste– your search has just ended!! Enjoy… 

Nutella Chocolate Nut Spread in a jar Recipe:

Perhaps you are having a bigger wedding than you planned on- happens to the best of us mate, I promise!!  This delightful healthy dessert is not only chalked full of amazing proteins, antioxidents, carbohydrates, and healthy fats!! Thanks to Chocolate Chilli Mango you can offer your guests a deliciously healthy dessert!!

“Whatever nuts you choose, it’ll be packed full of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, no trans fats or other bad guy diet fiends, lots of antioxidants, and dare I say, in all that nutritional goodness … it tastes utterly utterly delicious.” – Viviane [Chocolate Chilli Mango blogger]

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a MUST Bakery: Cupcakes Squared- The Gluten Free Cupcakes of San Diego

Not Just Your Average Chocolate Cupcakes:

Every bride at some point must decide: beauty over quality.  Do I get the gorgeous cake with layers of predominately hated fondant & pearled rosettes of pure icing… or do I get the cake that isn’t much to look at but tastes better than heaven, I’m sure!  Well, with Cupcakes Squared, in Point Loma area, no such decision is necessary!!  This adorable bakery in San Diego is taking a new spin on “the wedding cake”- if you’ve read my blog before… you know how I feel about wedding cakes.  I like different!!  And Cupcakes Squared is different!!

Gluten Free my A#%:

I used Cupcakes Squared cupcakes in my wedding and working with them was amazing!!  They give you samples of whatever they have when you walk in, and they are unbelievably accommodating.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to have gluten free cupcakes & so when my mom and I walked in and asked- they said “OF COURSE!!” And they put gluten free cupcakes in white wrappers and regular “gluten-ous” cupcakes [as my mother in law calls them] in a chocolate brown wrapper!! Dumby-proof… Love it!!

So naturally, my mom andI did tastings while we had popped by.  They only had a few gluten free flavours on hand since they post what flavours they are making each day- and gluten free cupcakes are not a huge market just yet.  Nonetheless, I tried the gluten free cupcakes while my mom tried all of the gluten-ous ones :]  She kept going on and on and on about how wonderful all of the flavors were & so I told her to try one of my gluten free cupcakes.  Oh my gosh- it changed her life!! Ha, bit dramatic statement, sure…  But she liked the gluten free cupcakes more than the regular cupcakes!!  THAT is how amazing Cupcakes Squared truly is!!

One Upping Sprinkles…

Cupcakes Squared makes gorgeous cupcakes as well as tasty ones!!  Like I said, the debate for that argument is null and void here…  Each type of cupcake has its own top decoration, and the variety is beautiful!! The  Chocolate Raspberry flavour has a cute pink swirl of icing on top with a small raspberry sitting on top of that!!  The yummi Lilikoi flavour has green lime shavings sprinkled on it’s creamy white swirl!!  Not only do thee beautiful toppings go on and on- but so do the flavours.  I wanted 4 flavours for our big day- my hubby and I had picked them all out!!  Then- when i take my mom in, she picks out 5 MORE!!  Crazy woman…  But that is how amazing all of their flavours are!! AND as a complimentary gift to the bride and groom to be- Cupcakes Squared didn’t want you missing out on the tradition of cutting the cake.  So, they add in a free cutting cake for you to use.  My hubby and I though that was so sweet and special- so instead of using it for the wedding, we have it frozen for the next 31st of July!!  So obviously it can double as an anniversary cake :]

Here is our wedding video where you can see beautiful shots of… all 9 of our different flavours :] thanks mom.  The bakery also offers stands for you to rent to showcase all of your lovely cupcakes- but we, of course, had DIY stands.  See if you can spot them!!

Cupcakes Squared

3772 Voltaire Street
San Diego, CA 92107-1607
(619) 226-3485
Hours: Sun 11am–5pm;
Mon-Fri 10am–6:30pm;
Sat 11am–6pm

London Moore Wedding Blog is Take a New Stand- A GLUTEN FREE STAND!!

As a severe advocate for those who have  to be Gluten Free, or aspire to be- I have decided that there needs to be a place where all gluten free brides, bridesmaids, MOTB, or any gluten free fans can come and network & be inspired by pictures, stories, ect!!

Of course, any non-gluten free brides are welcome as well, since we will have plenty of idea boards, colour palettes, and photographs to spark inspiration!!

The idea of changing the goals of this blog is due to the fact that I am allergic to gluten, and as a very recent bride- I found that finding a network of gluten-free friends is very important to getting use to the gluten-free lifestyle.  It is crucial to find stores, recipes, and experts who know where to stop and what to avoid!!  As a bride- I was looking all over for gluten free cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, ect…  I had originally wanted a dessert bar; filled with all treats delicious & gorgeous!!  However, I could only find certain shops and bakeries in San Diego that offered a gluten-free recipe for me!!  I soon found the need for sympathetic gluten free-ers like myself who could aid me along in my way of finding- either tasty recepies for my family and I to make desserts or of bakeries who supply GF treats.  The blog with also have regular wedding tid-bits, BUT  any beverages, caterers, cakes, or desserts shown will ONLY be for us Gluten Free brides :]

Sooo- from now on London Moore Wedding Blog is going to be:

London Moore:

The Gluten Free Bride

Colour Palette #1

Inspiration can come in so many forms!! When designing a wedding [well, when designing anything really…] you should find try and find inspiration in the beautiful things in life!! I saw this picture of a peach cobbler and not only did it make my mouth water— but I also was so enthralled with the gorgeous colours that I figured it would make a beautiful wedding palette!!

So without further-ado… here is COLOUR PALETTE #1:

peach, light blue & dusty rose


The NEW Wedding Cake

Weddings are like art and fashion… there are trends and eras and phases!!  It’s wonderful because we’re always thinking of something new to change it up.  Wedding cakes have always been around, but as Heidi says: “one day you’re in- and the NEXT YOU’RE OUT”!! 

Okay, so it might not be as cut throat as Project Runway… But when it comes to weddings, everyone wants theirs to be different than anyone else’s…  THIS is the new difference!!  I have not been to any weddings yet where multiple desserts were the classic Wedding Cake substitute.  However, on wedding blogs where people can post their “real life” weddings [not just photoshoots]- the up and coming rage is to have an adorable display that showcases all of your yummi desserts!!

Whether your wedding is victorian-simplistic [I’d go with the elegant pink arrangement with the cameos in frames], a rustic eco-friendly wedding [either the one right above, although it does have the paper circles- or the moss covered table with the big vase having branches jet out], OR an sweet eclectic feel [the desk or dressers covered in a variety of vases and stands]…. It doesn’t matter!! This new look can transform any simple table with a wedding cake- into part of the display!! It becomes a decor piece of it’s own!  And what most people don’t realize… Getting candy, purchasing cupcakes, and pies– this can all be WAY LESS expensive than a cake!! Cakes for weddings are sooo over priced…  Try something new that’ll save you money!!

At my wedding we did a candy bar [very common now…] as peoples favor.  Here is what it looked like:

Take the cliche – and turn it into something BEAUTIFUL!! Something people don’t see all the time… After all… Is that NOT what everyone wants for their own wedding?

Let me know if this is something you are considering!!  Tell me your ideas and what kind of treats you are wanting to display!!  Everyone can bounce ideas off each other!!

A Wedding of the DECADE: choosing a theme

Think of the BEST wedding you have ever been to- or seen pictures of…  What was so amazing about that wedding?  Sure, booze is a crowd pleaser, food always makes the experience enjoyable, and the quality of people there make it bearable or not… BUT what sticks out the MOST in weddings now-a-days: the atmosphere!!  Picking a theme is like choosing whether or not you want your wedding to be fun and whimsical, fancy and elegant, or sweet and mesmerizing.  Of course there ate many more categories like those- but choosing which theme sets up the atmosphere!

Now that cameras and videos are involved in weddings- they turn out to be the most important part because they make it so you can see your wedding over and over again!!  And what is showing most of the time: the decorations- THE THEME!!

stella + armstrong || give me a hug from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

The wedding shown above is the average video and pictures from weddings today!! It’s ALL ABOUT the decor!! Flowers as centerpieces seems to be becoming a thing of the past!!  So choosing a theme sets the tone and atmosphere of your wedding!!


If I could have a second wedding I would want a CIRCUS THEME!! Fun and playful with lots of interactive tings to do.  Check out the Circus/Carnival pictures:

such a simple and yet beautiful centerpiece that flows with the theme!!

games at weddings are AWAYS a crowd pleaser!!
 It comes down to: if weddings are all about the pictures- and pictures capture the theme… you better have a rockin’ theme!! Usually the best themes are specific: carnival, circus, hot air balloons, sewing & buttons, rainbow pallet, crayon art, NY city theme, terrariums, vintage radio, ect… you get the picture!!

To make your wedding truly your own– pick a theme that is close to your heart and that you can turn into a detailed GORGEOUS atmosphere for your big day!!

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